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Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

Saya di "TAG"...

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

Nak di jadikan cerita, ninie di TAG oleh kazen ninie, AZIE.. Terima kasih kerana menge'TAG' walaupun pada mulanya ninie malas nak buat.. hehhehe..

Mari2 ninie akan menjawab 1 per satu dengan tenang dan sabar... ehehheh :p InsyaALLAH..

once you've been tagged, you supposed to write a note with 100 truth about you. at the end choose 25 people to be tagged. 
tagged means : i'm interested in knowing what your 100 truth are.


1.real name : Nooranieza Sofia binti Rabudin
2.nickname : Ninie
3.zodiac sign : Libra
4.male or female : Female
5.elementary school : SK Semerah Padi
6.high school : Smk Semerah Padi : Universiti Teknologi Mara, Kampus Kota Samarahan colour : Black :)
9.tall or short : short! 
10.sweat or jeans : jeans or camera : both?? hahaha freak : ermm??? or apple : orange~ you have a crush on someone : ermm?? or drink : kedua2nya
16.piercings : yup.
17.pepsi or coke : coke ma love hehehhe ;p

Have you ever ?

18.been in an airplane :yes :)
19.been in relationship : Yuppp.. will get marry on nov2011.. AMIN
20.been in car accident : Yup.. serious injured when i was 14th y.o
21.been in fist fight : yes! huahuahua

First and last :

22.first household chores : entah
23.first best friend : Dayang Nurazimah Awang Jesemi
24.first award : Tokoh Pelajar 2002
25.first crush : rahsia ler.. hhahahha
26.first word : mak
27.first section : section 1 hahahha
28.last person you talked in phone : my fiancee.. 
29.last person you text : my fiancee
30.last person you watched a movie with : My fiancee
31.last food you ate : Umai Ikan Pirang :) love it yummy
32.last movie you watched : Unstoppable
34.last song you listen to : Vagestoz - Dia
35.last thing you bought : Kotex :P
36.last person you hugged : mak... :)

Favourite : : mee jawa :)
38.drink :cola
39.bottoms : skinny Jeans : rose maybe
41.animal : cat
42.colour : ALL colour hahahha : terpulang..
44.subject : Mathematics for sure!! :)

(put an x in the bracket if yes)

45.celebrate halloween [ ]
46.had heart broken [  ]
47.had someone questions my sexual orientation [ x ] pregnant [ ]
49.had an abortion [ ]
50.did something i regret [ x ]
51.broken a promise [ x ]
52.hide a secret [ x ]
53.pretend to be happy [ x ]
54.met someone who changed your life [ x ]
55.pretend to be sick [  ]
56.left the country [ ]
57.try something you normally wouldn'try and like it [ x ]
58.cried over the silliest thing [ x ]
59.when to the beach with your best friend [ ] into an argument with your best friend [  ]
61.hated someone [  ]
62.single for a whole year [ ]

currently :

63. eating :jagung
64.drinking : nescafe 3in 1
65.listening to : maher zain-hold my hand
66.sitting or laying : laying
67.plan for today : tidur sepanjang hari.. sakit perut.. huhuhu
68.waiting : my fiancee.. love u cin..

your future :

69.want kids : for sure (^_^)
70.want to get married : Yes of course :) : successful businesswomen

which is more attractive (choose one) :

72.lips or eyes : eyes.
73.shorter or taller : taller
74.romantic or spontaneous : spontaneous
75.nice stomach or nice arms : nice stomach hahahha ;p
76.hook-up or relationship : relationship
77.looks or personality : of coz personality

have you ever :

78.lost glasses/contacts : never.
79.sneak out of a house : never
80.held a gun/knife for a defense : never
81.killed somebody : never la.. haishhh bahaya sggh..
83.been in love : YES! 
84.cried when someoned died : Yes (T_T)

do you believe in :

85.yourself : yes
86.miracles : yup at first sight :nope~
88.heaven : yes!
89.santa claus : never
90.superstition : no
91.kiss on the first date :sesenang itu??

truthfully : there one person you want to be with right now ? -yes. my cin :( i miss him muchh you know who your real friends are ? - yes you believe in god ? - absolutely YES! at 100 % truth ? - yup :)
5 more ? 
96.masuk sem 5 this 3rd of january
97. 11.11.11 will be ma big day :) amin
98. ABDUL KHALIC BIN HIRMI i miss u muchh
99. Semoga tahun ini memberi sejuta makna buatku..
100. Berharap apa yg aku impikan berjalan dengan lancar.. smg d permudahkan sgla urusanku di dunia dan akhirat.. amin

Akhir kata.. ninie nak tag
ni je ninie sempat tag.. maaf yer sape yg kne.. minta maaf sgt2 bukan nak mintak maaf dr hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki.. tetapi minta maaf dr hati ke hati... kalau x nak jwb pun xape.. terima kasih.. 

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  1. omg panjang nyer soalan hahaha tidakkkk....

  2. umar: hehehhe so sorry umar.. kamu terpilih hehehe.. :P